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Her Hands are Wild and Dangerous II
Anne Siems
Her Hands are Wild and Dangerous II
2019 | acrylic on wood panel | 60x48 | $12000

An activist for tree protection in Seattle, shamanic devotee, and dedicated feminist, Anne Siems’ artwork merges the human and animal spirit to fortify women’s empowerment and ferocity. Siems most recent body of work illustrates young women with a strong sense of power, confidence, and agency elevated by animal hands or intricate tattoos, taking on the spirit of the animal themselves to combat issues of sexual violence against women and climate change. With wolves for hands, no one will stop you from changing the world.

“I have incorporated many of the new abstract markings of early 2017, the bodies are clothed with lots of detail, their wardrobe contemporary with a ‘hip’ nod to the 60s and 70s, the time in which I grew up. These young women and children look at the viewer with confidence. You will not mess with them. They are both ‘woke’ and mysterious.”

Anne Siems was born and raised in Berlin and lives and works in Seattle. She supports women artists through mentorship and shamanistic studies. Keep up with her nature and adventures in activism on her Instagram @anne_siems_art.

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